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  • OTP: does something cute in a book or fanfic
  • Me: *happy pterodactyl noises*
  • Me: *runs up and down hallway silently squealing at how freaking cute my OTP is*
  • Me: *falls backward and flails arms and legs up and down*
  • Me: *grins so hard my face hurts*
  • Me: *tries to pull self back together*
  • Me: *fails miserably*
  • Me: *starts going through their tumblr tag*
  • Me: *looks up on pinterest and the general internet*
  • Me: *finally calms down while holding nook to chest and smiling softly while replaying cute thing over and over again*
  • Me: *cries from cuteness*
  • Me: This is why I love reading
its my favorite bishi zombie drawn by my favorite artist Ashley Cope~!

its my favorite bishi zombie drawn by my favorite artist Ashley Cope~!

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America’s failed foreign policy summarized in 2 pictures.

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  • me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
  • ...
  • me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]






Omar Khadr, a sixteen year old Guantanamo Bay detainee weeps uncontrollably, clutching at his face and hair as he calls out for his mother to save him from his torment. “Ya Ummi, Ya Ummi (Oh Mother, Oh Mother),” he wails repeatedly, hauntingly with each breath he takes.

The surveillance tapes, released by Khadr’s defence, show him left alone in an interrogation room for a “break” after he tried complaining to CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) officers about his poor health due to insufficient medical attention. Ignoring his complaints and trying to get him to make false confessions, the officers get frustrated with the sixteen year old’s tears and tell him to get himself together by the time they come back from their break.

“You don’t care about me. Nobody cares about me,” he sobs to them.

The tapes show how the officers manipulated Khadr into thinking that they were helping him because they were also Canadian and how they taunted him with the prospect of home (Canada), (good) food, and familial reunion.

Khadr, a Canadian, was taken into US custody at the age of fifteen, tortured and refused medical attention because he wouldn’t attest to being a member of Al Qaeda, even though he was shot three times in the chest and had shrapnel embedded in his eyes and right shoulder. As a result, Khadr’s left eye is now permanently blind, the vision in his right eye is deteriorating, he develops severe pain in his right shoulder when the temperature drops, and he suffers from extreme nightmares.

He has been incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay since 2002, suffering extremely harsh interrogations and torture (methods), and is now 25 years old.

27 now, and still imprisoned

i’m in complete shock. i’m so nauseous right now. how is this possible? i don’t know what to do w/ this information. i share it because i can’t imagine that anyone else knows about this. the boy has been incarcerated, tortured, and basically maimed allll w/out a trial. my heart hurts :/


Omar is no longer in Guantanamo. Left without options, he pled guilty to war crimes so that he’d be given an eight year sentence and be able to transfer to a prison in Canada. He remains in prison there. His story is absolutely heartbreaking. This was a 15 year old boy who has been described as crying out for his mother, who slept holding a Mickey Mouse book one of his captors gave him. A teenager taken from his family, tortured, humiliated, threatened with rape, and falsely imprisoned for 12 years now. You can help Omar by writing to him, donating for his defense, and signing petitions for him. Please visit http://freeomarakhadr.com to learn more.

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seakin-magda asked: Whats going on is Scotland right now?I keep seeing posts about riots whats happening?


A referendum happened to decide whether or not Scotland split from the UK. The votes came in - Scotland is still part of the UK.

Today at 12 a bunch of member of the Orange Lodge (look it up - protestant extremists who also like to hang around with the KKK sometimes it turns out) decided to gather in George Square (the main square of Glasgow) to celebrate, as these guys are unionists. They are also sectarian racist fascist homophobic bigot losers. The Scottish Defence League (equivalent to the English Defence League, who are basically Nazis) decided to join them. They started shouting abuse at everyone. Called a gay pro-independence politician a poofter and kept telling everyone that didn’t resemble them to fuck off. Things got heated and they attacked some Yes folk, as far as I can tell. Fights broke out. One of them attacked a guy with a flare. BBC news reported this as “protests of the results” despite the instigators being supporters of the winning side. This was maybe around 4. They didn’t report anything else until maybe about 10 when things had been violent for at least 3 hours. Policemen on horses everywhere. People singing sectarian chants. Nazi salutes. Beating the shit out of kids, a Yes campaigner got stabbed. 

Basically fascists and bigots using their newfound confidence and morale boost from remaining a part of the UK to instigate a huge fight. It’s pretty much a riot. Streets blocked off. It’s not just happening in Glasgow but Glasgow has a larger population than most places and so the gathering here is rather noticeable. 

It’s still going. It doesn’t really feel safe around here.

And while fascists are literally beating the shit out of Yes voters the government decides to revoke Scottish powers - Scottish MPs no longer have a say in the Westminster budget (considering that Scotland’s budget is 10% of this it actually removes Scotland’s control of it’s own budget). This is in direct defiance to what they said they’d do in the case of a No vote - that Scotland would get more powers. So while English politicians are crushing the hopes and morale of the Scottish people fascists are trying to cave in their skulls. 

Politics, eh?

Some of this might be incorrect. I’ve been getting most of my info from social media and ‘official’ media does not report on Scottish matters in a way that reflects the truth so if I’m misinformed someone please correct me! 

How it began.


When I was a boy, I realized that I loved to eat. Despite the teachings of my parents, I was too young to really understand the consequences. I would sneak food out of the pantry. I’d eat entire bags of Cheez-its. I would eat giant bowls of nothing but shredded cheddar cheese. I even invented a concoction where you put the Cheez-its in the shredded cheese and eat them together with a spoon. When I had sleepovers at friends’ houses we would see who could eat the most pizza. We just thought it was a fun contest. I always won. It was a point of pride then. By the fourth grade I was a plump individual.

When people say I have only myself to blame for getting fat, I feel like they are scorning a 3rd grader who had a psychological compulsion to eat. 

Maybe if we had better nutritional education in school. Maybe if our school lunches weren’t pizza and french fries. Maybe if we had access to counselors that knew how to treat compulsive overeating in children.

I didn’t understand my problem until I was a teenager. I didn’t learn how to control my overeating until I was in my 20s. By then I was already sick with narcolepsy, CFS, and depression. The inability to exercise made every diet a house of cards. The tiniest lapse in willpower would yo-yo me back to where I started. I could only seem to maintain a consistent weight. 

I guess I would ask people who are critical of fat people to imagine them as 3rd graders. Think about how poorly our schools educate them. Think about how poorly schools feed them. Think about how hard it is for kids in poverty to get healthy food. Think about how mental health care is hard to get access to. 

Getting healthy isn’t as simple as diet and exercise. Those things can help, and they have certainly helped me, but I’m an able-bodied young person, and even I struggle greatly with exercising consistently and eating healthy. I think we’d all be a lot healthier if we stopped shaming each other for not being “good enough” in our bodies. Frogman here has a much harder life than many and he still pursues what he loves to do. He’s an excellent photographer and writer and I really look up to him as a creator. He’s one of the people I think of when I wonder if life is worth continuing. Yes, it is.